Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Paprika and Chives: Hotter Than Hell

Digging the garden isn’t the only thing making these two men hot. PG13

“Paprika and Chives: Hotter than Hell” blurb:
Enre has fiery red hair and an attitude to match. The world is full of injustice and he wants everything to be fair and equitable right now. Kalman is older, calm and logical, but the two men, co-workers at the botanical gardens, are drawn to each other. They work alone together at the far end of the gardens all one day, getting to know each other and passion ignites between them. The garden bed is made, and sprayed with their seed as well as that of the plants.
Hot, sweaty half naked bodies, and outdoor sex, is so good they do it all again later that afternoon, before planning to spend the evening together  -- in a real bed.

Enre's dick was harder than a spike and he'd gone from wanting to talk to Kalman to wanting to do a whole lot more, and the sooner the better. Yeah, sure, he'd always been attracted to Kalman. Who wouldn't be? The man was tall, dark and handsome, with a gentle nature that really appealed to Enre. But now he desperately wanted to hold Kalman, to peel those tight jeans right off Kalman's long, slim legs with their muscular thighs, and suck Kalman's cock, a heavy ridge behind the zipper, into his mouth.
Oh, God, this was pure torture. Enre had to have Kalman. Had to have him right now. Or he'd die trying.
"Um, Kalman?"

"Yes?" Kalman turned and leaned on his hoe, smiling at Enre.
Enre's dick nearly forced its way out of his pants. Kalman looked so good. Sweaty, his body glistening in the sunlight, just like a Greek God or something. "I want you. I've liked you forever, but today, I wanted to be with you, alone with you, and now…" Enre stopped, miserably aware he'd likely done what he did so often. Come on much too passionately and frightened everyone away. And the one thing he really, really, didn't want to do was have Kalman retreat from him.

But Kalman smiled even more widely "I want you too, Enre. You're a good man. I've been thinking about holding you in my arms for weeks.
"You have?"

Enre took a couple quick steps forward and suddenly they were wrapped in each others' arms, hugging tightly, grinding their hips together. Enre lifted his head the few inches necessary to look directly into Kalman's gaze. The heat and lust he saw there almost made his dick burst on the spot. Everything he hoped for, wanted, was reflected back at him in those melting chocolate pools.

Then their lips were locked together. It was not a gentle kiss, but a harsh meshing of teeth, and noses, tongues diving into each other's mouths.
Until Enre realized Kalman was deliberately slowing them down, savoring the taste of him, encouraging him to take a breath and sample, test, explore. Enre gentled his touch, unclenching his hands on Kalman's shoulders, slowing his frantic tongue thrusts and relishing the scents and experience that was Kalman.

Oh, that was good: the salty tang from the sweat of hard work, the earthy scent from the dirt they'd been digging, the clean, fresh outdoor smell of the botanic garden itself.
Gently now Enre explored Kalman, sliding his tongue over the roof of Kalman's mouth, along the insides of his cheeks, behind his teeth, noting the different textures that were all part of this man. A man he was intensely attracted to. A man he wanted to take right now, but who he was prepared to wait for -- even if it killed him!

This book is set in the same world as “Blooming Love” (

Berengaria Brown

Friday, July 8, 2011

A bisexual fairy and a mystery

“Blooming Love”: blurb
Hyacinthe is one quarter fairy and she needs to have sex with both females and males to sate her needs. Finally she has fallen in love with both Inigo and Beverley. Neither of them really wants to share, but both love Hyacinthe and understand that to be with her, they must accept the third partner.
The triad is gradually coming together, they are all starting to feel comfortable with each other, until they share in double penetration of Hyacinthe, and her fairy wings sprout.
Everyone knows there is no such thing as fairies, and both Inigo and Beverley are shocked at Hyacinthe’s behavior.
And at the botanic gardens where they all work, someone is stealing rare plants.
Can their relationship survive? And what about the plants?

STORY EXCERPT from “Blooming Love”

As the last few tea lights flickered and died, Hyacinthe decided it was time to speak, while they were all still relaxed from the sex.
"I've told you that I need you both, want you both, love you both. Now I think each of you should say how you feel about becoming a threesome."
There was silence for a long time, then Inigo sighed and said, "I guess I've always known that I'd have to share you. It seems a little weird, a man sharing a woman. On TV it's always the man who has a wife and a mistress, or like Hefner, two women at a time, or like in some cultures a whole bunch of wives. But I understand your needs, honey, and I reckon I'll cope better having to share you with Beverley than I would if I had to share you with another man."
He leaned up on one elbow and looked across Hyacinthe's body to Beverley. "I like you. You always do your share at work, never complain when you get the yucky jobs or act like a princess when it's time to spread mulch or something. I'm prepared to do my share to make this arrangement work."
Hyacinthe was impressed with him and dropped a light kiss on his mouth. She turned her head to Beverley. It was dark in the room now without the candles, but still possible to see reasonably well since her eyes had adapted to the darkness.
The silence lasted even longer this time, then Cinthe sensed Bev taking a deep breath before she began to speak. "I want to be with Hyacinthe. I've never loved anyone as deeply as I love her. It'll be hard for me. I don't make friends as easily as you two do. I'll do my part to make it work. But -- likely you'll need to be patient with me. It's not going to be easy for me."
"Well done, love." Hyacinthe kissed Beverley. "We'll all make it work."

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Berengaria Brown